News of the World of 1030 Wars

This is the new website (landing page) for 1030 WARS. I am hoping to have some great features here as well as be a good looking portal to the different universes that are avalable in 1030 WARS!! More to come soon!!!

Please report any bugs on the Facebook page or our forum @

Subject: Dark Matter Special

Posted on : 9/17/2016 8:37:54 PM BY Admin

We are running a FALL special until the end of the month!!

For each donation, you will receive 15% more Dark Matter in return. Perfect time to upgrade your officers!!

Subject: Universe 7

Posted on : 9/17/2016 3:27:22 PM BY Admin

Universe 7 has almost reached 120 players. Not too bad for a month online.

We have fixed the stats updating, JumpGate, noob protection, and a few other things so the game is running very smooth at this time.

So tell your friends, this is the Ogame Private server to play on. It is different than all the others..

Registered Players: 6
Game Speed: 300.000.000
Fleet Speed: 40
Colonies Settled: 57
Defense to Debris: 50
Fleet to Debris: 25
Registered Players: 123
Game Speed: 400.000.000
Fleet Speed: 40
Colonies Settled: 1058
Defense to Debris: 75
Fleet to Debris: 40
Registered Players: 19
Game Speed: 900.000.000
Fleet Speed: 75
Colonies Settled: 35
Defense to Debris: 50
Fleet to Debris: 25