News of the World of 1030 Wars

Welcome to 1030 WARS. I am hoping to have some great features here as well as be a good looking portal to the different universes that are avalable in 1030 WARS!! More to come soon!!! Please report any bugs on the Facebook page or submit a Support Ticket for the appropriate Universe.

Subject: Bugs

Posted on : 5/25/2017 6:48:22 PM BY Admin

We have worked out some of the bugs/issues. Please continue to report bugs either here, support ticket, or ingame message. 1.) Issue fixed when you click an item on a build page; The window now opens at the top of the page. 2.) Issue fixed when you reply to a support ticket; it now does not give an error. 3.) Issue fixed so the layout appears normal; repaired the css file. We are also going to be increasing the speed of the universe.

Subject: Beta Universe

Posted on : 5/20/2017 6:40:42 PM BY Admin

Universe 1 is now open for beta testing. We have a few bugs that we are working on, but please report any found to Admin through a support ticket, player message, or facebook page.

Registered Players: 17
Game Speed: 1.000.000
Fleet Speed: 40
Colonies Settled: 257
Fleet to Debris: 50
Defense to Debris: 25